Total OBD & ECU Auto Diagnostics Software (TOAD) Reviews

Total OBD & ECU Auto Diagnostics Software (TOAD) Reviews

Total OBD & ECU Auto Diagnostics Software (TOAD) by Total Car Diagnostics. Rapidly, Simply and Safely Talk With Your Automobile's OBD I & II System and Tune or Remap It is ECU Chip - Simply Like the $a hundred and fifty/h Skilled Mechanics Would Do... 

TOTAL OBD & ECU Auto Diagnostics (TOAD for brief) is a DVD that's jam-full of dozens of probably the most advanced, comprehensive and highly effective "car-producer-authorized" OBD software functions that'll allow you to diagnose completely any downside and effective tune the vehicles ECU. Frankly, that is the SAME software program that is normally ONLY reserved for highest rated, registered and acclaimed automotive repair outlets, manufacturers and mechanics. As an illustration, it allows anybody with a laptop and a USB-to-OBD cable to "hack" their car's performance, optimize gasoline consumption, perform dwell analysis and repair common issues that mechanics usually cost $one hundred fifty+ p/h. It also accommodates complete step-by-step manuals that'll save you time, cash and frustration by rapidly revealing the fault code error, it's that means, the place the issue is located, and tips on how to fix it utilizing probably the most cost-efficient way. Software program is suitable for home automobile homeowners who're keen to save lots of a whole lot of dollars by doing it themselves. Or for professional car mechanics/service shops that need the latest chopping-edge detection, analysis and ECU chip tuning software. 

 * OBDI, OBDII (OBD2) and EOBD IV+ compliant. 
* Comes with ELM327 Genuine USB Cable. 

IN SUMMARY: TOAD comprises dozens of most superior, chopping-edge OBD and ECU tuning software that solely the highest rated, and acclaimed automobile restore outlets, manufacturers, and mechanics use. Software is straightforward and straightforward for any inexperienced dwelling user. And you will have life time, unlimited support at Complete Automotive Diagnostics website. 

Wished to write down and inform you that your new 2013 model worked fantastic on my wifes 2013 Toyota... she was on a visit and the automobile threw a upkeep flag... I anticipated the more severe and when she arrived residence I had the interface booted and ready to go... I ran a quick diagnostic and located that the flag was cause by the fuel cap not being on correctly...this I do know for a reality as a result of I cleared it once before this and I got the flag again.. it threw a fuel error... I tightened down the cap, cleared the code and it has been operating great ever since... that would have been a $200.00 dollar trip to the supplier simply to get the code clear and gas cap placed on right... so I wanted to let you understand this system is value it weight in gold to me... keep up the superb work...

Total OBD & ECU Auto Diagnostics Software (TOAD) 
 Total Car Diagnostics
 5.6 x 0.2 x 4.9 inches

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  1. this is a scam, company owner Alex will not give a install code that works.
    we been given 3 codes that do not work.
    getting really tired of this run around, I'm done

  2. Andre Vas is the only person I ever had contact with (Alex seems a con like the rest of it). The software they sell is pirated versions of ScanMaster-ELM by WGSoft and FORScan by I have contacted both companies and they have confirmed this.

    Avoid this scam.

  3. Does anybody know of a physical address for the Australian warehouse featured on advertisements? I am only seeing a post box address.

    The address shown on their Facebook page is a block of flats a long way from that post box.